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I Want Windows and Doors are proud to supply and install a range of Liniar uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows to homes in Peterborough, Market Deeping, Stamford, Yaxley, Thrapston, Oundle & Corby.

These impressive double glazed windows offer style and versatility for any property.

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Versatile Design

Our uPVC tilt and turn windows from Liniar offer a versatile design. You can opt to have them open fully, creating a large viewing area, or tilted, allowing ventilation while still keeping your home secure.

All variations are enabled by a simple touch of a button on the handle, meaning that you can efficiently and effortlessly switch functions.

Tailored Finish

Our tilt and turn windows are manufactured to your exact specifications. With a variety of colours, your new windows will be bespoke to your tastes.

There are a variety glass options available, giving you even more opportunity to tailor your uPVC tilt and turn windows. Ultimately, you will have the exact style finish that you desire and your home will have a new lease of life.

Unique Design

Our uPVC tilt and turn windows offer a unique design that will keep your property both secure and ventilated.

With their handy tilt function, they can be opened slightly to keep cool air flowing through your home, while maintaining high security measured ensured by the advanced locking systems of the window.

Easy Cleaning

Ideal for upper floors or high rise buildings, our uPVC tilt and turn windows are easy to clean. The windows are designed to be opened both outwards and inwards, giving you access to both sides of the glass.

As all opening options are managed by the dual action handle, it’s simple and efficient to operate. The perfect choice for your home.

Energy Efficient

Our tilt and turn windows have hidden interior rebate gaskets which enhance weather and sound-proofing. These incredible tilt and turn windows offer outstanding energy performance.

Our uPVC windows are Energy Savings Trust recommended. Enjoy the benefit of saving on your energy bills and have a warm home no matter the weather.

Highly Secure

Not only does the tilt function of our tilt and turn windows enable secure ventilation, but they are fitted with Secured By Design accredited Yale locks.

They also carry the BS 7412 – PAS 24 Kitemark Licence 587165, ensuring maximum security and weatherability for your home. Our uPVC windows are designed to give you ultimate peace of mind.

10 Year Guarantee

Our tilt and turn windows are manufactured to such a high standard that we are confident in providing you with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Your uPVC tilt and turn windows will never warp, rot or fade and will give you year after year of exceptional performance. We’re positive that your new uPVC windows will keep your home looking beautiful for years to come.

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More Than Just Double Glazing

When you choose us for your home improvements you choose so much more as well. You will also have the full services of our sister company Nene Property Solutions.

Our unique position allows us to offer our customers a full range of property maintenance services, from groundwork for foundations, full scale renovation and refurbishment of homes, kitchens & bathrooms, to gardening. We have the resources, experience and capacity to provide a tailor made package. Want that new extension for your dream kitchen? No problem, our experts can handle everything for you.

For more than just a double glazing company, choose I Want Windows and Doors!

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No Need for Subcontractors

Full Range of Property Maintenance Services

Gardening, Landscaping & Tree Surgery

Driveways, Patios & Pathing

Heating & Plumbing

Lighting & Electrical

Finishing, Painting & Decorating

Bricklaying & Roofing

Groundwork & Foundations

Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficiency

lead free

100% Lead-Free

Our windows and doors are produced using a manufacturing process that is 100% lead-free. This results in the removal of toxic materials, making them safer for you and your family, and the environment.

co2 peterborough

Lower Carbon Footprint

The thermally efficient profile that we use helps your home retain heat and therefore reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your home, minimising your carbon footprint.


100% Recylcable

All of the materials used to created our double glazing products are fully recyclable. This sustainable manufacturing process means every part of the windows and doors can be used again at the end of its lifespan.

energy saving trust

Energy Efficient Profile

The thermal insulation performance of our profile will increase the heat retention of your home and improve the efficiency of your central heating system, saving you money and the environment.

Maximum Security

Protect you home with double glazing products protected by industry leading Yale shootbolt locking mechanisms.

Manufacturer Guarantee

After installation of your double glazing product has been completed, you can rest assured that your product has been purpose-built to provide long-term protection for your home. Every Yale shootbolt locking mechanisms are guaranteed against mechanical failure for 10 years.

Globally Recognised

Protect you home with the  Yale shootbolt locking system that has become a world renowned marker of security across the globe, setting the standards that other brands aspired to.

British Standard Institute Specification

At every stage of the manufacturing process there are rigorous tests against the latest BSI security standards pertaining to windows and doors, guaranteeing you a high security Yale shootbolt every time.

Secured by Design

The Yale shootbolt locking mechanism has been officially accredited by the Police backed scheme called Secured by Design. This coveted accreditation endorses the Yale shootbolt as one of the leading security products available.

Liniar Profile

The Liniar uPVC profile is innovatively designed to excel in performance, offering homeowners like you an incredible level of thermal efficiency, security and style.

multi chambered uPVC profile


The Liniar profile consists of multiple chambers which act to break up mini-convection currents while trapping pockets of warm air inside to keep your home warm.

superior gaskets

Weatherproof Gaskets

These double-action gaskets do a fantastic job of keeping out the unpredictable British weather by maintaining a tight weather seal.

double glazing flipper

Unique Glazing Flipper

This unique design feature works in 3 ways to reduce cold transfer, water ingress and noise pollution.

thermal dam uPVC

Thermal Dam

Our high performance Liniar profile utilises a distinctive feature increases the thermal insulation capabilities to reduce heat transfer for a warmer home.

uPVC positive drainage

Drainage Features

Strategically positioned and intelligently designed contours prevent moisture while maximising natural drainage to keep your home warm and dry.

integrated reinforcing

100% Lead-Free

The Liniar profile is manufactured using a lead-free process, making our profile much safer for your family.

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Charcoal sticks





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Monkey tail

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