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Why not use one of our patio doors to connect your Thrapston garden to your house? Aside from the other great uPVC doors we install, our patio doors slide from side to side on a track, so you don’t have to worry about them swinging into or out of your home. For other places with limited space, our patio doors are perfect. You can put plants near the door without worrying about them getting knocked over by swinging doors, and you can also save space.

Because the best uPVC profile is used to make these back doors, you can expect to get all the benefits that come with them. Our patio doors keep in more heat, look better, keep out the weather, and make your property safer. Our valued customers who want to replace old back doors made of wood or steel will love our range of patio doors.

All of our uPVC patio doors require less maintenance, and even after being exposed to the typical British weather, the frame stays in good shape. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our selection of patio doors.

Thermally Efficient Profile

With our patio doors, any homeowner can feel good about helping the environment. The multichambered profile works with double or triple panes of glass. Together, they make little pockets of warm air that can stay in your home all year long.

By trapping heat from the sun, you can use your central heating less. This means that your energy bills will go down, giving you more money to spend on whatever you want. As your home in Thrapston uses less energy, the amount of carbon dioxide that your building puts out will go down.

 Modern Security

In the past, doors with poor insulation were thought to make it easier for people to break into your home. But since we only use modern profiles, this won’t happen with your new patio doors. The uPVC frame has a lot of rigidity and durability thanks to its many chambers. When combined with double panes of glass and locks, it gives the door frame the highest level of security.

As a standard, all of our patio doors come with locking systems that have more than one point. This gets rid of any possible weak spots that burglars could take advantage of. You can be sure that our patio doors will protect your home from modern ways to break in.

Weatherproof Profile

The British weather, which is always changing, will never bother you or come into your home again. Our patio doors have weatherseals along the frame, between the panes of glass, and on the frame itself. This means that cold draughts and moisture won’t get into your Thrapston home.

Do you need to replace old wooden back doors? Our new uPVC patio doors are a great way to improve your home. Even after being exposed to the elements all the time, this door will still be good. The frame of these uPVC doors will never crack, peel, twist, rot, or bow.

Because the colour is built into the profile of our patio doors, our customers never have to worry about buying paint colours to repaint the door. All you have to do for maintenance is wipe off any dirt with a damp cloth. You will keep your patio doors looking as good as the day they were put in.

Suited to Your Style

We know that every house is different. Because of this, we offer patio doors that can be changed to fit your home. We give our valued customers the power to choose the best way to improve their homes.

The colours and woodgrain foils on our patio doors can be changed to fit your needs. Woodgrain foil is perfect for homeowners who want to replace wood with something that looks traditional but has modern features. If you want a door that is bold and stands out, you can choose a colour that matches. Whatever you need, you can match your new patio doors to your existing uPVC doors, double glazing, and uPVC windows.

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More Than Just Double Glazing

When you choose us for your home improvements you choose so much more as well. You will also have the full services of our sister company Nene Property Solutions.

Our unique position allows us to offer our customers a full range of property maintenance services, from groundwork for foundations, full scale renovation and refurbishment of homes, kitchens & bathrooms, to gardening. We have the resources, experience and capacity to provide a tailor made package. Want that new extension for your dream kitchen? No problem, our experts can handle everything for you.

For more than just a double glazing company, choose I Want Windows and Doors!

One Point of Contact for all Aspect of Your Project

No Need for Subcontractors

Full Range of Property Maintenance Services

Gardening, Landscaping & Tree Surgery

Driveways, Patios & Pathing

Heating & Plumbing

Lighting & Electrical

Finishing, Painting & Decorating

Bricklaying & Roofing

Groundwork & Foundations

Quality Guaranteed

I Want Windows and Doors will make sure you don’t have to worry about anything and that you choose a company that fits your Thrapston home. Our doors come with a quality guarantee for 10 years. If something goes wrong, which is very unlikely, our team will try to fix it.

Patio Door Prices Thrapston

Are you ready for one of our patio doors to change your home in Thrapston? Call us at 01722 893 053 to talk to a friendly member of our team, or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll be there as soon as we can.

If you have a specific colour in mind, you can start an online quote and enter a few details. We’ll send you a custom quote, and you don’t have to book.

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